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YouTube is launching some additional tools for its Shorts such as new creation options and Shorts drafts extensions. 

One of the features includes a new ‘Cut’ option that lets Shorts creators sample a small section of a Short to be added as an introducing to their Short clip.

Users can find the Cut option via the ‘Create’ button on Watch pages or by tapping the three dots menu while watching a Short.

An attribution link is then being included in a Short that links back to the original source.

It’s not entirely clear how YouTube plans to monetise the feature for creators. 

However, it would mean added exposure for creators. 

The company also updated its Shorts Green Screen feature that lets you sample up to 60 seconds from a Short or eligible clip on YouTube to use as a background for your own Short.

Users can choose to use audio or video or both from the original sample and also set how prominent they want to be on screen. 

An attribution link points back to the original source video. 

By expanding its Shorts drafts tool, users will also be able to save as many drafts as they like.

Up until now, Shorts creators could only store a draft at a time.

Drafts is available via the Shorts camera to the bottom right of the screen. Currently, it’s only available on iOS.

However, drafts are device-specific so when a user changes devices they can no longer access their drafts from the other device. 

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