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We have to think too much before it’s ready to deploy — from hiring a developer to wireframing to finding a target audience to platform. With ever-changing technologies, innovation in the development framework makes it possible to decrease development time. The less time you spend on developing, the faster you deploy the app in the market. 

However, the time of development depends on the technology framework you choose. Faster development is one of the many reasons why cross-platform applications are preferred over native apps. However, many big companies and brands are using React Native nowadays. It’s one of the leading mobile app development frameworks that is used and trusted by Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more.

We are not saying this because it’s been used by many brand leaders, but it’s one of the best frameworks here. Businesses are choosing ReactJS development as a part of their mobility strategy for many reasons.

Before understanding those reasons, let’s have a brief knowledge review about the framework and its work too.

What’s the ReactJS Framework?

A few years ago, ReactJS was introduced by Facebook, and since then the framework has overtaken other programming languages in popularity. Before the invention of React, other programming languages like AngularJS, EmberJS, and Ajax were dominating web and app development.

In a nutshell, the ReactJS framework is a tool to build UIs — a JavaScript library to build user interfaces. Developers at Facebook developed React as a test tool, but the library has become the best JavaScript library for web design and development.

Easy to Learn

One of the most important reasons to choose React is it’s easy to learn and use. It doesn’t take much time to learn this technology; you can quickly grasp how to build things with it. (Developers will probably lose interest if any technology is too hard to learn.)

React comes with user-friendly and easy to understand JavaScript documentation. Going through React documentation or tutorials, within a few days, any developer can start using it. It has great tutorials, and it also offers a very easy-to-understand library. Unlike Angular, it’s not a complex tool.

Virtual DOM

One of the chief characteristics that let you develop fast and have a flexible application using ReactJS is the virtual DOM. With every amendment in the web application, the virtual DOM re-renders the entire user interface. In a virtual DOM representation, only the components that have actually changed are updated but not all the components. Thus, ReactJS makes the app development process quicker and more cost-effective. This is the main reason why ReactJS performs faster.

ReactJS uses virtual DOM that makes the app fast. It’s called vDOM. There are components in ReactJS of memory information structures that developers use to update as well as modify an app. Therefore, it makes it further easier to render the components along with the information.

Reusable Components

With React, you get a component-based structure. Starting with tiny components like buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and so on, you can create wrapper components composed of those smaller components. Once you write and complete the higher-level wrapper components, it will go like that until you have this one root component and that component is your app.

Each component has its own way of rendering and has its own logic, too. This will lead to amazing results. This component-based structure helped us to build our large web app in an easier way. You can reuse components anywhere you need. As a result:

  • Your app has a consistent look and feel.
  • It’s easy to maintain and grow your codebase.
  • It’s easier for app development.

SEO Friendly

Search visibility or better ranking plays a vital role for every business to make their brands and products widely available. As we know, online businesses are completely dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) for their presence in the online market.

React projects are better optimized for search engines due to their back-end rendering. React renders on the server, which means it can be crawled for its content even for crawlers that don’t execute JavaScript code. This helps with SEO, providing metadata to social media channels.

The benefits of high speed and performance also enhance the overall performance and SEO functionality.

Strong Community Support

React has a massive community. That means, whenever you face any trouble, you can get instant support to maintain and grow the open-source library with the contributions of other components to this library.

The large and strong community of ReactJS is one of the reasons why you should choose ReactJS for your next project. More than 1000 independent contributors regularly update the library. Also, bloggers and experts post free blogs and videos about ReactJS, which makes the community larger and stronger.

Seriously — thanks to such powerful support from the community, ReactJS is trustworthy and up-to-date technology.

Rich Toolset

As we know, React is open-source and free for all. ReactJS consists of feature-rich tools such as Flux or Redux as well as NodeJS on the back end. React developer tools were added by Facebook and ReactJS by Chrome developers. These tools allow developers to discover child and parent components, observe their hierarchies, and much more.

High Performance

The main objective of ReactJS development services is to provide high performance for every application. Having some core features of ReactJS like virtual DOM and server-side rendering, it allows you to create large-scale apps that run incredibly fast.


ReactJS has come at a good time. ReactJS developers can build highly efficient web apps and user interfaces in a reasonably short time period. It allows you to break down the components and create a single page application with less coding.

Now you can understand why you should select ReactJS for your next web and mobile app development project. It’s time to get started to build your dream app with maximum ROI.

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