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There was a time in the technology world when Facebook’s motto “move fast and break things” was repeated by would-be innovators who wanted to prove their organization could be nimble and daring. The notion could be heard from startup founders pitching potential investors to enterprises that wanted to show they had the capacity to explore and adapt quickly, figuring out what does not work along the way. But does that motto, which became a mantra for many companies, hold relevance in the current landscape?

In the latest episode of That DOS Won’t Hunt, GoDaddy CTO Charles Beadnall talks about the approach his company takes to nurture new development by fostering a culture of experimentation. The web host and domain registrar works with some 21 million customers and about 84 million domain names. GoDaddy may be a household name, but the company must continue to develop new resources to update its products for its customers. Being something of an incumbent on the web is no guarantee that innovation will come easily, so Beadnall discusses the platform and process of experimentation teams across the company use to develop new digital products and update existing ones.

Move fast and break things might not be entirely dead but he lays out how GoDaddy finds ways to dabble in fresh ideas without potentially leaving collateral damage behind.

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