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Software Development

Decorator Pattern to Solve Integration Scenarios – DZone Java

When we are in the learning phase of some technology, we always find the cleanest scenarios and examples in books and tutorials. It is perfectly

Software Development

Building a Slack Integration for Your SaaS Notification System – DZone Integration

For many organizations, Slack is the software of choice for business communication. Slack’s ubiquity in modern companies makes it one of the first notification integrations

Software Development

Advancing Cybersecurity Using Machine Learning – DZone AI

While businesses and services are expanding into cyberspace with minimum improvement in the traditional cybersecurity techniques, cybercriminals are revolutionizing cyber-attacks with artificial intelligence. Cyber threats

Software Development

An Overview of dtrace and strace – DZone Open Source

Often,ee when debugging, we need to step outside of the comforting embrace of the IDE to reproduce or track an issue. In this series, I’d

Software Development

Xampp vs Wamp: Which Local Server Is Best? – DZone Database

XAMPP and WAMP are different types of local development servers which are crucial web development technology. They reproduce the environment of a genuine web server

Software Development

Durability in Low Latency Messaging Queues – DZone Performance

A significant feature of Chronicle Queue Enterprise is support for TCP replication across multiple servers to ensure the high availability of application infrastructure. I have