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How Cyberattackers Are Changing Their Strategies

Yuval Wollman has a rare holistic view of the complex — and often-siloed — cybersecurity ecosystem. With time spent in the Israeli legal, financial, and


Suing Your Cloud Provider: Good or Bad Idea?

Given the expensive consequences of even relatively short cloud outages, legal action is inevitable in some instances. Companies have to determine whether they actually have


75% of Insider Cyber Attacks are the Work of Disgruntled Ex-Employees

Ransomware and business email compromises (BEC) topped the list of the types of attacks on organizations in the past year, making up 70% of the


How to Handle Supply Chain Attacks, Ransomware and Other Incidents

Marianne Bailey has advised the highest levels of government during some extraordinary cyberattacks, from the Office of Personnel Management breach to NotPetya. Now cybersecurity practice