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Bitcoin Fedimints Offer Privacy In Exchange For Trust And Custody

Watch This Episode On YouTube Or Rumble Listen To The Episode Here: P: What other things in the Bitcoin space, whether it’s companies that are


The War On Financial Privacy Is Escalating

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1248: β€œThe privacy wars have escalated.” Sign up for the newsletter here. The U.S. Treasury


Can Data Collection Persist Amid Post-Roe Privacy Questions?

Gathering customer data from devices, web traffic, and apps has long been central to operational strategies at startups and enterprises alike. Can and should those


An Argument Against KYC Bitcoin That Everyone Can Understand

This is an opinion editorial by Heady Wook, privacy advocate and contributor to Bitcoin Magazine. Introduction In the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto cited the


Your Guide For Using Bitcoin Privately

This article originally appeared in Bitcoin Magazine’s “Censorship Resistant Issue.” To get a copy, visit our store. The right solution for you will probably involve


What Roe v. Wade Means to CIOs : A New Murky Data Privacy Morass

Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, undoing what many had regarded as settled law on abortion rights. The decision