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Software Development

Total Bummer: Pivotal Drops Groovy – DZone Java

Pivotal announced yesterday that Groovy 2.4 And Grails 3.0 will be the last major releases under Pivotal sponsorship. This is big news that has not

Software Development

Key Takeaways: Adrian Cockcroft’s talk on Netflix, CD, and Microservices – DZone DevOps

One of the big draws of the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference was Adrian Cockcroft’s talk, “Deliver Faster and Spend Less with Cloud Native Microservices.”  Cockcroft

Software Development

7 Best MQTT Client Tools Worth Trying – DZone IoT

With the rapid development of the IoT industry, the MQTT protocol is being used by more companies and developers. In the process of learning and

Software Development

10 Best Infrastructure-as-Code Tools for Automating Deployments in 2022 – DZone DevOps

IT technologies continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. From cloud computing to DevOps and artificial intelligence (AI) to internet of things (IoT), the technology

Software Development

Delivering the Future of Uber-Like Apps With AI an – DZone AI

Uber is, so far, the most popular ride-sharing application, with over 93 million users globally. The application was a revolutionary solution back in 2009; for

Software Development

Snake-Based REST API (Python, Mamba, Hydra, and Fast API) – DZone Open Source

Today, I would like to try something new and start exploring the world of Python. In this article, I will present a step-by-step tutorial on

Software Development

How to Write RFCs for Open Source Projects – DZone Open Source

About RFCs The importance of RFCs has been emphasized by many people. As @tison said in How to Participate in the Apache project community: A

Software Development

How to Build Spark Lineage for Data Lakes – DZone Big Data

When a data pipeline breaks, data engineers need to immediately understand where the rupture occurred and what has been impacted. Data downtime is costly. Without

Software Development

A Complete Guide to Web Pentesting – DZone Security

It’s critical to ensure that your website is secure if you’re running one. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, and if they can

Software Development

How to Migrate to the Open-Source Cadence Workflow – DZone Open Source

Cadence is an open-source workflow orchestration service. It is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and developer-focused platform that centralizes business logic and allows you to build complex