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Software Development

Google Cloud Messaging with Android – DZone Cloud

You have probably heard a lot of talk about the wonderful things the cloud can do for you, and you are probably curious about how

Software Development

How I Created a Smart Video Clip Extractor – DZone Integration

Travel and life vlogs are popular among app users: Those videos are telling, covering all the most attractive parts in a journey or a day.

Software Development

The Right Digital Experience Monitoring Solution – DZone Security

Today’s business landscape is increasingly competitive, demanding that companies maintain an agile mindset when differentiating their products and services from competing brands. For many organizations,

Software Development

Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Your Next Project? – DZone Web Dev

We have to think too much before it’s ready to deploy — from hiring a developer to wireframing to finding a target audience to platform.

Software Development

Flutter — Popular Technology for App Development – DZone Mobile

Flutter is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that develops high-quality mobile applications, and it is also known as a UI framework. Flutter is developed by

Software Development

8 Cross-Platform Tools for Mobile App Development – DZone Mobile

Mobile app development is an industry that’s constantly changing and evolving. While some of the biggest apps may seem like they’re stuck in time, there

Software Development

Apache Kafka in Crypto and Finserv for Cybersecurity and Fraud Detection – DZone Security

The insane growth of the crypto and fintech market brings many unknown risks and successful cyberattacks to steal money and crypto coins. This post explores

Software Development

How to Measure Product Success – DZone Agile

What is success for you? When do you feel that you succeeded in your job? Is it when you are promoted? Maybe when you are

Software Development

How Can an App Show More POI Details to Users? – DZone Integration

With the increasing popularity of the mobile Internet, mobile apps are now becoming an integral part of our daily lives and provide increasingly more diverse

Software Development

Trending Programming Language to Learn – DZone Web Dev

It wasn’t that long ago when computer programming was an almost unknown and secluded field. Back then, there used to be only a few people