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Bitcoin Fedimints Offer Privacy In Exchange For Trust And Custody

Watch This Episode On YouTube Or Rumble Listen To The Episode Here: P: What other things in the Bitcoin space, whether it’s companies that are


Lightning Network’s Advantages As Payment Technology

This is an opinion editorial by Yuya Ogawa, a software engineer and co-host of the Diamond Hands community. This article is based on the content


ZEBEDEE Launches Instant Cross-Platform Money Transfers Using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

ZEBEDEE is launching a seamless integration allowing any participating business or app to transfer money across platforms. The “Log in with ZBD” feature also allows


Galoy Brings U.S. Dollars To Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Galoy Inc., the team behind the wallet of El Salvador’s Bitcoin circular economy Bitcoin Beach, is adding a new feature to that infrastructure: bitcoin-backed synthetic


Bitcoin Projects Are Bringing Financial Inclusion To Feature Phones In Africa

This is an opinion editorial by Heritage Falodun, a Bitcoin analyst and computer scientist based in Nigeria. Expanding Bitcoin adoption across the African continent won’t