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Software Development

Migrate Serialized Java Objects with XStream and XMT – DZone Java

Java serialization is convenient to store the state of Java objects. However, there are some drawbacks of serialized data: It is not human-readable. It is

Software Development

Modern Strategy Pattern in Functional Java – DZone Java

There’s a way to think about design patterns that stuck with me. Like Venkat said at the beginning of his 2019 Devoxx talk, they are

Software Development

ExpectedConditions in Selenium – DZone Performance

The majority of web products use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), where elements on the page are loaded at varying time intervals. This can lead

Software Development

Java Class Loading: Performance Impact – DZone Java

java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass() API is used by 3rd party libraries, JDBC Drivers, frameworks, and application servers to load a java class into the memory. Application developers don’t