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Two-Minute Teaser: IWeek Rundown from Aug 1 through Aug 8

For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered up a series of stories that dove into cloud outages, which included Lessons Learned, written by Sal


Are Cloud Outages the Cost of Choosing Price Over Resilience?

Though the mechanics behind many cloud outages are eventually revealed, some of the issues might recur because of tradeoffs made by providers for the sake


Cloud, Data, and Political Protests Mark the 2022 AWS Summit

It was an unexpected day at the Javits Center. What started with a sudden change in the keynote lineup at the AWS Summit here in


That DOS Won’t Hunt: Shutterfly CTO Talks Migrating to the Cloud

Host’s Note: This episode of the That DOS Won’t Hunt podcast ran into an audio issue during recording, so the content has been transcribed in part below. An


Top 2022 IT Infrastructure Certifications

While opportunities abound in today’s dynamic job market, the volume of competition for any given IT opening can be enormous. Job sites such as LinkedIn


SAP’s CTO Juergen Mueller Talks Digital Evolution

It is no secret that SAP casts a sizable presence in the business applications and solutions market, but even at its notable scale it sought