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Software Development

Decorator Pattern to Solve Integration Scenarios – DZone Java

When we are in the learning phase of some technology, we always find the cleanest scenarios and examples in books and tutorials. It is perfectly

Software Development

Building a Slack Integration for Your SaaS Notification System – DZone Integration

For many organizations, Slack is the software of choice for business communication. Slack’s ubiquity in modern companies makes it one of the first notification integrations

Software Development

Auth0 (Okta) vs. Cognito – DZone Security

Nowadays, many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies often outsource their identity and access management needs to third parties. The question is how to figure out which works

Software Development

Tools, Integrations to Improve Code Review: GitHub – DZone Web Dev

As software engineers, we love to automate. Yet code review is often a fairly manual process that takes up a large percentage of our time.

Software Development

Integration Using Ballerina Client Connectors – DZone Integration

Connectors and SDKs This is the era where we can see the face of the rapid growth in the integration space. There several dynamic entities

Software Development

IntelliJ integration for Mockito – DZone Integration

Mockitools is an IntelliJ plugin that provides integration for Mockito. In this article, I’d like to show you the major features of the plugin (and

Software Development

Top 5 Datadog Integrations to Improve Efficiency – DZone DevOps

Datadog is an exceptional tool for DevOps teams, developers, and SREs. It’s suitable for a broad range of cloud applications of every size. However, despite

Software Development

MuleSoft Logs Integration With Datadog – DZone Integration

In this article, we will see how we can integrate MuleSoft application logs with the external data system using the Log4j2 file. Some organizations want