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Are We Humanizing or Dehumanizing the Digital Experience?

Maybe you can relate to this. My dog senses when I’m dealing with a poorly designed chatbot or automated phone system. Even before the four-letter


Look to Vietnam for Digital Transformation and Outsourcing

(Sponsored Article) Outsourcing unlocked incredible value for leading enterprises and lifted the economic fortunes of China, India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Now it’s Vietnam’s


Two-Minute Teaser: IWeek Rundown from Aug 1 through Aug 8

For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered up a series of stories that dove into cloud outages, which included Lessons Learned, written by Sal


Are Cloud Outages the Cost of Choosing Price Over Resilience?

Though the mechanics behind many cloud outages are eventually revealed, some of the issues might recur because of tradeoffs made by providers for the sake


Hyperautomation: A Realistic Goal for 2022?

A popular new buzzword is hyperautomation. From a high-level perspective, the term is meant to convey a process and technology-driven approach that is used to


Relationship between Geopolitics and Technology Operations

For better or for worse, technology defines global transactions. While technology has connected the world and brought everyone closer, it also has a polarizing effect


Why to Invest in Integration Frameworks

As an organization grows, so does the number of applications and application versions it supports. Getting clear visibility into all the applications in use across


Cloud, Data, and Political Protests Mark the 2022 AWS Summit

It was an unexpected day at the Javits Center. What started with a sudden change in the keynote lineup at the AWS Summit here in


IT Report Card: Customer-Facing Applications

As companies strive to improve their customer experiences, IT is playing a pivotal role. Here are the results so far and what still needs to


FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day: ESG, Crypto, and Managing Risk

Last week, the FinTech Innovation Lab held a demo day in New York for its latest class of startups that were mentored to help them