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Software Development

Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile – DZone Mobile

The source code The slides for the talk “Mobile First!” is the new cry of web designers worldwide. But how do you do it? Do

Software Development

Build Tier 1 Service that Is Resilient to Outages – DZone Performance

Tier 1 services are critical to a company’s profitability. They address the primary use cases for the organization’s products or support its underlying vital infrastructures,

Software Development

TURN Time Into Value – DZone Web Dev

Web2 software engineers have benefitted from design standards, mature programming languages, and vulnerability tools to minimize the risks of an attack. Failure to do so

Software Development

How to Write RFCs for Open Source Projects – DZone Open Source

About RFCs The importance of RFCs has been emphasized by many people. As @tison said in How to Participate in the Apache project community: A

Software Development

Publish/Subscribe Architecture Design Pattern – DZone Integration

In this article, we will demonstrate how to implement Mule applications with pub-sub design patterns. Here we will be using RabbitMQ as a message queuing