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Software Development

Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile – DZone Mobile

The source code The slides for the talk “Mobile First!” is the new cry of web designers worldwide. But how do you do it? Do

Software Development

Flex for J2EE Developers: The Case for Granite Data Services – DZone Java

For developers having worked on J2EE web applications for many years, getting into Flex will seem both very fun and familiar of the simplicity and power

Software Development

CockroachDB TIL: Volume 8 – DZone Database

This is my series of articles covering short “today I learned” topics as I work with CockroachDB. Read the previous installments: Topics Topic 1: Generate

Software Development

Massively Scalable Geographic Graph Analytics – DZone Big Data

Many organizations are discovering the tremendous value that graph databases provide in solving complex problems on connected data. Where relational databases focus on the data

Software Development

Paradigm Shift for Relational Database Schema – DZone Database

The relational database model was first proposed by English computer scientist Edgar Frank Codd in 1070 while working at IBM and has been commercially deployed

Software Development

Geo-Distributed Apps Architecture: How Different – DZone Java

Ahoy, matey!  Welcome back to my journal, where I’ve been documenting my experience of building a geo-distributed app in Java from scratch. In the previous

Software Development

Handling File Uploads With NestJS and MySQL – DZone Database

Many developers despise dealing with file uploads. This can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about the best approach to take or difficulties determining

Software Development

Xampp vs Wamp: Which Local Server Is Best? – DZone Database

XAMPP and WAMP are different types of local development servers which are crucial web development technology. They reproduce the environment of a genuine web server

Software Development

Why Blockchain Technology Is the Future of Data Storage – DZone Big Data

Data is the lifeblood of businesses, and its storage is crucially important. According to a recent study, the world will generate over 180 zettabytes of

Software Development

Integrate a Distributed DB With Event Streaming – DZone Database

This article is derived from the Distributed Data Systems Masterclass event that I had fun doing with Maheedhar Gunturu from AWS and Tim Spann from