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Software Development

Write Your Kubernetes Infrastructure as Go Code – Extend cdk8s With Custom Constructs – DZone Cloud

Constructs are the fundamental building block of cdk8s (Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes) – an open-source framework (part of CNCF) with which you can define

Software Development

Rust Ownership and Borrowing Enforce Memory Safety – DZone Web Dev

Rust’s ownership and borrowing might be confusing if we don’t grasp what’s really going on. This is particularly true when applying a previously learned programming style to

Software Development

ExpectedConditions in Selenium – DZone Performance

The majority of web products use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), where elements on the page are loaded at varying time intervals. This can lead

Software Development

CockroachDB, Deno: Combining Technologies – DZone Web Dev

This tutorial will walk through building a simple application using Deno, backed by CockroachDB (CRDB) Serverless. Deno (pronounced dee-no) is a “modern runtime environment for

Software Development

Build a Serverless URL Shortener With Go – DZone Web Dev

This blog post covers how to build a Serverless URL shortener application using Go. It leverages AWS Lambda for business logic, DynamoDB for persistence, and

Software Development

Creating Routes in KoaJS – DZone Web Dev

KoaJS is a minimal and flexible NodeJS web application framework. It provides a good set of features for building web and mobile applications. In this