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What Is Paxlovid Rebound, and How Common Is It?

When President Joe Biden was diagnosed with COVID, he started taking an oral treatment of the antiviral Paxlovid almost immediately. Four days after finishing the


Why COVID Makes So Many of Us Feel Guilty

Why does it feel so hard these days to make decisions? And, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, why do so many of those


The Risk of Heart Disease After COVID

In December 2020, a week before cardiologist Stuart Katz was scheduled to receive his first COVID-19 vaccine, he came down with a fever. He spent


The New Normal for COVID Calls For A New Narrative

President Joe Biden’s recent bout of COVID drew immediate comparisons with President Donald Trump’s experience. Biden had mild symptoms and worked at his desk, while


What Keeps a Crowd from Becoming a Mob?

The long days of summer have returned to the Northern Hemisphere. They promise music festivals, sporting events, camps and travel. But for many people, the


People in Republican Counties Have Higher Death Rates Than Those in Democratic Counties

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the link between politics and health became glaringly obvious. Democrat-leaning “blue” states were more likely to enact mask requirements and vaccine