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Software Development

6 Myths About the Cloud – DZone Cloud

Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve their speed and agility.  Over the last ten years, technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing

Software Development

Multi-Cloud Management: Tools, Challenges, etc. – DZone Cloud

Many organizations implemented a digital strategy using the cloud to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase their scale. Cloud migration simplifies workflows and makes it easier to

Software Development

10 Best Infrastructure-as-Code Tools for Automating Deployments in 2022 – DZone DevOps

IT technologies continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace. From cloud computing to DevOps and artificial intelligence (AI) to internet of things (IoT), the technology

Software Development

Monitoring at the Edge of the Third Act of the Internet – DZone Cloud

Whether you’re in tech, media, retail, or any other business with or without a digital presence, the biggest challenge you are facing is how to

Software Development

Verizon’s Data Breach Report: Cloud Security – DZone Cloud

* All quotations and images are sourced from Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report. For the past 14 years, telecommunications services provider Verizon has published


Two-Minute Teaser: IWeek Rundown from Aug 1 through Aug 8

For the week of August 1, InformationWeek offered up a series of stories that dove into cloud outages, which included Lessons Learned, written by Sal


Are Cloud Outages the Cost of Choosing Price Over Resilience?

Though the mechanics behind many cloud outages are eventually revealed, some of the issues might recur because of tradeoffs made by providers for the sake

Software Development

Developing a Cloud Adoption Strategy – DZone Cloud

The value of technology in businesses and organisations cannot be underestimated, and there was nothing like the COVID-19 pandemic for us to see its value

Software Development

Cloud Storage: Definition, Types, Pros, and Cons – DZone Cloud

What exactly do tech-savvy individuals and internet users mean when they say files have been moved to the cloud? Do all files go to private

Software Development

You Are Blind to the Risks in Your Cloud – DZone Security

Migrating to the public cloud can be a risky endeavor because it decentralizes or expands a business’s attack surface. In other words, the move can