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The ‘Fractional’ CMO and the Role CIOs Play

The job of the chief marketing officer (CMO) is to deliver superior brand experiences, but they are struggling to manage more channels than ever, are


CIO, CDO and CTO: The 3 Faces of Executive Tech

When I was CIO at a banking institution, the board wanted to know about IT, even though no board members had technology backgrounds. Nevertheless, the


Do You Really Need a CTO?

From my experience as a CIO, I learned that a CTO is best deployed with a focus on new technology and technology architectural directions. The


CIOs Must Promote a Culture of Agile Thinking

Speed and agility are key components of two central business challenges organizations face today: change and innovation. Meanwhile, there is an intensifying need to deliver


That DOS Won’t Hunt: Shutterfly CTO Talks Migrating to the Cloud

Host’s Note: This episode of the That DOS Won’t Hunt podcast ran into an audio issue during recording, so the content has been transcribed in part below. An


What CIOs Need to Know About Bringing Industry Cloud to Your Company

Cloud was originally conceived of to virtualize network, storage, and compute in a generalized sense. Subsequent innovations have added services to the cloud portfolio in