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Blockchain Report Card: What Does It Matter to Enterprises Now?

The days of regarding blockchain as a digital McGuffin presumed to solve ambiguous needs may be waning, but questions remain on what makes sense for

Software Development

Why Blockchain Technology Is the Future of Data Storage – DZone Big Data

Data is the lifeblood of businesses, and its storage is crucially important. According to a recent study, the world will generate over 180 zettabytes of

Software Development

The Impacts of Blockchain on Software Development – DZone Web Dev

Blockchain is the most reliable technology in recent times that caters to our responsibility of complying with the IT compliance obligations. Blockchain technology not only

Software Development

Essential Web3 Tools, Technologies for Developers – DZone Web Dev

Web3 is the next iteration of the web. As opposed to Web1, which consisted of static web pages, and Web2, which brought us web apps