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Software Development

Conceptual Architecture — Conversational AI/NLP – DZone AI

This document provides Conceptual Architecture for Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) based Platform for Customer Support and Agent Services. This document

Software Development

Geo-Distributed Apps Architecture: How Different – DZone Java

Ahoy, matey!  Welcome back to my journal, where I’ve been documenting my experience of building a geo-distributed app in Java from scratch. In the previous

Software Development

Automatically Creating Microservices Architecture Diagrams – DZone Java

In application development, microservices is an architectural style where larger applications are structured as a collection of smaller, independent, yet interconnected services. While this allows

Software Development

Publish/Subscribe Architecture Design Pattern – DZone Integration

In this article, we will demonstrate how to implement Mule applications with pub-sub design patterns. Here we will be using RabbitMQ as a message queuing