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Today, app marketers face not one but two competitions – on the app stores to get enough visibility to be found by enough people to become profitable and on mobile devices, competing for people’s attention with dozens of other apps. On top of that, multiple surveys show – people tend to spend the bulk of their time on mobile with a handful of apps.

What can you do about it?

Join Gummicube’s webinar hosted by mobile app marketing veteran Dave Bell to learn how to optimize your app performance in its lifecycle – from pre-launch to maturity. This is your opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of how to maximize your app’s performance on the market and not wander into doubt after reading various conflicting sources.

Gummicube has more than 11 years of operating on the market under its belt, tried, adjusted, and tried again various App Store Optimization techniques to be now in a position to give you that clarity with how your app performance optimization strategy should look like.

Join App Growth Tips from Pre-launch to Maturity webinar today.

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