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Beeda mega app created an outstanding platform for completing your non-core works. You can obtain assistance with common chores like furniture assembly, moving, electrical, and handyman services on Beeda Tasker, an online marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to do unproductive tasks then Beeda Tasker will be your right choice. We arranged all types of service providers for developing our mega-app ecosystem. Plumbing, furniture assembly, painting, electrical works, home shifting, cleaning, and so many services are available in Beeda Tasker. It is a legitimate platform to connect people who are willing to pay for chores and errands to be done and the people willing to do them.

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What Does Beeda Tasker Do

We have to be busy with official and business-related activities. It is so difficult to find time to finish some common chores like cleaning, assembly, shifting, repair, and plumbing works. Beeda mega app connected us to these service professionals on a single platform. We can easily find these service providers and finish the work from the mega-app. Enormous freelancers are registered in Beeda who are waiting to do our non-core works. Suppose you have to stand in a long queue in a bank for a transaction but you don’t have time to do that. Don’t worry, choose a person from Beeda Tasker and give him/her the job. Besides, if you need to shift home then select the professionals from movers and enjoy shifting service. Beeda charges the cheapest cost for services that’s why anyone can afford its services.


Furniture Assembly Service

Are you trying to find the simplest furniture assembly process? Do you want your gorgeous dresser or bed frame to be made out of a box of loose wood components, or do you only want the best furniture assembly expert to come to your house? You’re in the correct place if you’re looking for Beeda Tasker. Any form of furniture assembly you require assistance with can be handled by Beeda Tasker. We will put you in touch with a specialist who can handle your job, whether you’ve recently bought a new desk for your bedroom, a bookcase for your living room, a sofa or couch, a new kitchen table, chairs, or stools, or anything else.


Cleaning Service

Cleaning services refer to maintaining the place in question tidy and free of the trash. This entails routinely cutting the grass, pruning the bushes and hedges at the landscape deck, and cleaning the office, which includes washing and scrubbing the walls, ceilings, gates, doors, windows, furniture, and electrical appliances. The best cleaning service in the area is provided by service providers, along with carpet and floor care, all of which are overseen by expert staff. Included are cafeteria services, carpet, and hard floor maintenance, window washing, business cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms, and stripping and sealing of floors.


Residential Movers

Moving services are tailored to each family’s specific needs because every relocation is unique. Regardless of whether you want a full-service move or a do-it-yourself move. Every budget can be met with numerous solutions from reliable delivery. For do-it-yourself moves, you have the option of packing everything yourself and having personnel only transport the furniture and packed boxes or hiring licensed packers and movers to handle everything.


Plumbing Service

Look no further than Beeda Tasker if you need a specialist to handle a plumbing issue. Regardless of how adept you are at house maintenance, some tasks, like plumbing, should only ever be performed by a professional. When you hire a plumber through the Beeda platform, you’re hiring a reasonably priced yet dependable plumbing specialist who will know exactly where to look to locate the problem’s origin and who has all the necessary skills and equipment to fix it.


General Electrical Service

Are you trying to find the top electrician in your neighborhood? Beeda Tasker will take care of you. We understand that you’d prefer not to tamper with your electrical wiring or outlets unless you are a professional because some tasks should only be performed by one. You may eliminate all your worries by using the Beeda platform to choose a qualified electrical contractor. When you can hire a licensed electrician to fix those broken outlets or run a cable to that new lighting fixture, why take the chance of making an electrical issue worse?


Best Platform for Finding Professional Staff

We are not experts in all works. Many works can’t be perfect without professional staff. Beeda organized all professional service providers in a single platform. You can find all kinds of services in Beeda Tasker at a cheap rate. Beeda made it easy to find a professional staff. Go to the Beeda app and tap on ‘Tasker’ then select what type of service you need. You can find the nearby, featured, and top-rated service providers. Choose the staff, appoint them to the job and enjoy the service.




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