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Meta just launched new features for subscribers to help its creator community monetise their content more effectively. Earlier this year the company has been testing subscriptions and now it’s launching new tools to make it even easier for creators to connect to their fans.

Creators can now set up subscriber chats with up to 30 people in them. This enables them to connect to their fans and discuss things they are passionate about.

The subscriber chats are based in Messenger and can be accessed from an inbox or story. They end after 24 hours.

Users can simply join a chat by clicking “join chat” from a story. Stickers that prompt users to join can be added to subscriber and regular stories.

What makes subscriptions valuable are exclusive stories and live content.

That’s why Meta also launched exclusive content as posts or reels so subscribers can engage in comments. This means creators can engage with existing subscribers but also attract new ones.

The new exclusive tab is where exclusive content such as subscriber lives, feed posts, reels and other content will be placed.

The idea is that subscribers can immediately and more easily find and access the content they’ve subscribed to.

More recently Meta also added subscription story sticker and promo reels to encourage followers to subscribe.

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