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Lenovo teased a ‘Legion VR700’ headset in an image with Chinese text.

No specific details or specifications were announced, but the poster shows a headset with a Rift S style halo strap and at least two cameras on the top corners of the front (presumably for inside out tracking).

Back in 2018 Lenovo partnered with Google on the $400 Mirage Solo, the first standalone headset with positional tracking launched outside China – though it was overshadowed by Facebook’s $200 rotation-only Oculus Go. In the years since Lenovo has shipped rotation-only standalone headsets of its own for the education market, under the VR Classroom brand.

Legion is Lenovo’s gaming brand, suggesting this will be a consumer facing headset for playing VR games. It’s unknown whether Lenovo plans a global launch or if this headset will be limited to the China market, but notably the Legion label is in English.

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