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Instagram is currently testing a Live Producer tool that lets creators stream live videos from their desktops and through third-party platforms. 

Content producers can use a line of code that connects their Instagram Live to a streaming provider of their choice. 

Right now, Instagram is supporting OBS, Streamyard and Streamlabs. 

The aim is to boost more professional-looking livestreams on the app – ie those that use multiple camera angles, microphones and more advanced graphics features. 

Right now, only a few beta users can access the tools. And while comments are possible, other features such as fundraising, Q&A, shopping and live rooms aren’t supported just yet.

If it opens up to a broader audience, the feature could be a valuable asset to brands and influencers, enabling them to push live shopping in-app more effectively. 

The Chinese version of TikTok generated a whopping $119 billion in sales through livestreams in 2021.

However, while live video sales may be big in China, they haven’t caught on quite as quickly across Europe or the US just yet.

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