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Shopping via livestream video is something TikTok has had its eye on for a while now.  The popular video app is already pretty successful in that area over in China.

Its Douyin app – the Chinese version of TikTok – generated $119 billion in product sales via livestreams last year. That’s a 7x rise over the previous year. 

Users were also more engaged with mCommerce livestreams with 384 million of them watching live shopping content. 

To find out whether TikTok could perform similarly in the rest of the world, the app just commissioned a survey with Ipsos.

It found that 1 in 5 users watch TikTok Live and 62% of them watch it daily, opening the door for brands to engage with them regularly. 

Users on the app were 50% more interested in branded Live content than non-TikTok users. 

1 in 3 users even named the TikTok platform as their go-to for brand connections. 

TikTok Live is a useful platform to drive brand awareness while also bolstering sales. 

50% of users of the app have previously bought something after watching TikTok Live and users are more likely to be engaged than non-users. 

They are 1.6x more likely to watch branded Live content to find new brands and 1.7x more likely to watch branded Live for making a purchase. They are also more than twice as likely to say Live is trustworthy for shopping.

Users appear to enjoy a wide range of branded content including tutorials (80%), product releases (78%), reviews (77%), Q&As (74%), sales (72%0 and live events (72%). 

User interest is highest when content is presented by creators (77%), followed by celebrities (72%) and brand ambassadors (68%).

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