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Google is now allowing alternative billing systems for in-app transactions and purchases for EEA developers of non-gaming apps on the Play Store.

The move comes after the EU passed its Digital Markets Act to limit tech giants like Google and Apple from unfair market practices.

Companies failing to comply with the Act can be fined between 10-20% of their global revenues. 

Google wrote:

“As part of our efforts to comply with these new rules, we are announcing a new program to support billing alternatives for EEA users. This will mean developers of non-gaming apps can offer their users in the EEA an alternative to Google Play’s billing system when they are paying for digital content and services.”

However, developers using alternative billing systems also need to meet the appropriate user protection requirements.

The use of alternative billing means that developer fees are being reduced by 3% on relevant transactions. 

The majority of developers already qualify for a 15% service fee on Google Play, with third-party billing bringing that down to 12%.

Google Play billing continues to apply to apps and games distributed outside the EEA and games within the EEA. 

“We expect to expand billing alternatives to developers of gaming apps for their users in the EEA, in advance of the DMA’s effective date.”

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