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The best sci-fi books that describe how robots really work – Robohub

Kill DecisionBy Daniel Suarez When Kill Decision came out, I sent an email to all my Department of Defense colleagues saying: finally, a book that


Robochop makes garden trimming a snip – Robohub

A sustainable and scalable gas fermentation technology transforms CO2 from industrial emissions into a single cell protein for animal nutrition. © Valdis Skudre, Shutterstock By


Building a python toolbox for robot behavior – Robohub

If you’ve been subject to my posts on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may have noticed that I’ve done no writing in the last 6 months.


UBR-1 on ROS2 Humble – Robohub

It has been a while since I’ve posted to the blog, but lately I’ve actually been working on the UBR-1 again after a somewhat long


Softbank: How Large Companies Approach Robotics – Robohub

A lot of times on our podcast we dive into startups and smaller companies in robotics. Today’s talk is unique in that Brady Watkins gives


Two hands are better than one – Robohub

The HOPE Hand. What are you doing right now other than scrolling through this article? Do you have a cup of coffee in one hand,


#ICRA2022 awards finalists and winners – Robohub

Credits: Wise Owl Multimedia In this post we bring you all the paper awards finalists and winners presented during the 2022 edition of the IEEE


r/Robotics Showcase: An event for members of all ages and abilities to share and discuss their passion for robotics – Robohub

This post shows the proceedings for the 2nd annual Reddit Robotics Showcase! We’re delighted to once again offer an event for robotics enthusiasts of all


Q&A: Warehouse robots that feel by sight – Robohub

Ted Adelson. Photo courtesy of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. By Kim Martineau | MIT Schwarzman College of Computing More than a decade


Underwater Human-Robot Interaction #ICRA2022 – Robohub

How do people communicate when they are underwater? With body language, of course. Marine environments present a unique set of challenges that render several technologies