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SAP’s CTO Juergen Mueller Talks Digital Evolution

It is no secret that SAP casts a sizable presence in the business applications and solutions market, but even at its notable scale it sought


Giving Your Organization’s Use of Data Analytics a Lift

Enterprises from every industry and at every scale are working to leverage data to achieve their strategic objectives — whether those are to become more


In Search of Good, Quality Code

Quality is an elusive goal. Ask a thousand coding managers to describe quality and there’s a strong chance you’ll receive approximately the same number of


Protecting From the Threat Within: How To Manage Insider Risk

Insider risk exists in every organization, and it can be difficult to identify. Organizations typically invest in security tools to keep external actors at bay,


Going Green with Regulatory Tech for Financial Institutions

As the popular adage goes that “change is the only constant” and climate change fits the bill perfectly because every notable change in climate patterns


New Deep Learning Method Adds 301 Planets to Kepler’s Total Count

Scientists recently added a whopping 301 newly confirmed exoplanets to the total exoplanet tally. Source link


TESS Tunes into an All-sky ‘Symphony’ of Red Giant Stars

Using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, astronomers have identified a vast collection of pulsating red giant stars that will help us explore our galactic neighborhood.


Planetary Sleuthing Finds Triple-Star World

Years after its detection, astronomers have confirmed a planet called KOI-5Ab orbiting in a triple-star system with a skewed configuration. Source link


About Half of Sun-Like Stars Could Host Rocky, Habitable-Zone Planets

According to new research using data from NASA’s retired planet-hunting mission, the Kepler space telescope, about half the stars similar in temperature to our Sun


NASA Awards SETI Institute Contract for Planetary Protection Support

NASA has awarded the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, a contract to support all phases of current and future planetary protection missions to ensure