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Software Development

Fun With Modules – DZone Java

Tight coupling between modules is a bad idea, and the worst form of coupling is cyclic dependencies between modules. Fortunately, there are a few techniques

Software Development

Flex for J2EE Developers: The Case for Granite Data Services – DZone Java

For developers having worked on J2EE web applications for many years, getting into Flex will seem both very fun and familiar of the simplicity and power

Software Development

6 Myths About the Cloud – DZone Cloud

Companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to improve their speed and agility.  Over the last ten years, technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing

Software Development

Does Datameer Support a Full Big Data Analysis Process? – DZone Big Data

Over the last few days, I had the chance to test Datameer analytics solution (das). Das is a platform for Hadoop which includes data source

Software Development

Creating Application using Spring Roo and Deploying on Google App Engine – DZone Java

Spring Roo is an rapid application development tool that helps you in rapidly building spring-based enterprise applications in the java programming language. Google app engine is a

Software Development

Multi-Cloud Management: Tools, Challenges, etc. – DZone Cloud

Many organizations implemented a digital strategy using the cloud to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase their scale. Cloud migration simplifies workflows and makes it easier to

Software Development

Exploring the Coinbase API From a Web2 Starting Point – DZone Web Dev

Back in 1977, the aspiring musician in me wanted to learn piano after seeing the movie “Star Wars.” I had a goal to learn how

Software Development

CoffeeScript: a TDD example – DZone Agile

CoffeeScript is a language building an abstraction over JavaScript (as the similar name suggests.) It is an abstraction over the syntax of JavaScript, not over its concepts:

Software Development

Clojure: Destructuring – DZone Java

In The Joy of Clojure (TJoC) destructuring is described as a mini-language within Clojure. It’s not essential to learn this mini-language; however, as the authors of

Software Development

The Challenges of a JavaFX Reboot – DZone Java

In Jonathan Giles‘s post An FX Experience Retrospective, he starts by looking at the history of JavaFX and focuses on “what has happened in the