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Last year we saw the launch of a new Web programming language Dart – Structured Web Programming from Google. A very interesting approach to support

Software Development

What you must know about PHP errors to avoid scratching your forehead when something goes wrong – DZone Web Dev

While pure object-oriented languages produce mainly exceptions to signal an error, PHP started out as procedural and so it has a wide range of errors

Software Development

What Should I Choose in 2015 – Cloud Hosting VS VPS Hosting? – DZone Cloud

This article was originally published on 1/5/14 The countdown for 2015 has already begun and so are the businesses eager to roll out new strategies

Software Development

The Web Performance APIs Reference – DZone Performance

Each of the following performance APIs is in different stages of the W3C’s specification maturity process. You can see each spec’s stage next to their title.

Software Development

Using the TabControl on Windows Phone 7 – DZone Mobile

By default, the Windows Phone 7 SDK doesn’t have a TabControl. It is a quite useful component already available in Silverlight and although it doesn’t

Software Development

Using the LongListSelector control on Windows Phone 7 – DZone Mobile

Yesterday I looked into the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone and I covered some of the controls that are included in the current build. One of

Software Development

Total Bummer: Pivotal Drops Groovy – DZone Java

Pivotal announced yesterday that Groovy 2.4 And Grails 3.0 will be the last major releases under Pivotal sponsorship. This is big news that has not

Software Development

Some Thoughts on Agile Planning – DZone Agile

Agile Math The basic math of team-based agile is pretty simple. You can slice it several ways, but at the end of the day, one

Software Development

Responsive Design and jQuery Mobile – DZone Mobile

The source code The slides for the talk “Mobile First!” is the new cry of web designers worldwide. But how do you do it? Do

Software Development

Parsing JavaScript with JavaScript – DZone Web Dev

Over the weekend I started working on llamaduck– a simple tool that aims to figure out whether your code will run on the newly released