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Ukraine Air Force seeks game-changing fighter jets from NATO

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine well into its sixth month, the war has settled into a baffling pattern that defies the expectations of both


Electric UTV camper to use topo-reading smarts to uncage 4×4 adventure

Canadian startup Potential Motors is deep in development on what it classifies a new category of vehicle. At first we thought that was the usual


Hydrogel bandage uses ultrasound to better stick to the skin

Getting a bandage to stick to your skin can sometimes be difficult, particularly if that skin is wet. This isn’t a problem with an experimental


New polymer removes dye from wastewater, and can be reused afterwards

In wastewater produced by the textile industry and others, dye is one of the primary pollutants. A newly developed synthetic polymer is capable of removing


Worms raised on seaweed could be a more sustainable salmon feed

While the farming of salmon does help take pressure off wild stocks, the feed used to raise the fish still isn’t entirely sustainably sourced. That


Review: Pedal-assist city riding with fast-folding Flit-16 Commuter ebike

The Flit-16 folding ebike launched on Kickstarter back in 2019 is now on general sale as the upgraded Commuter Edition, which we got to ride


TAE ahead of schedule on billion-degree hydrogen-boron fusion

Some fusion projects aim to create hundred-million degree working temperatures in magnetically confined plasma. The CEO of TAE Technologies tells us his team’s aiming for


Scientists recreate the song of long-lost insect to help find it again

After 150 years sitting silently in a museum, a strange specimen has now sung its song once more. Scientists have digitally recreated the sound of


Moonlander truck RV tightropes ingeniously between camper and cap

The truck cap (aka camper shell) has long provided a way of covering and securing a pickup bed, doubling as a light hard-wall camper for


World’s oldest ice core could stretch back 5 million years

To learn about the future of Earth’s climate we can look to the past, and one of the best ways to do that is with