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The Beeda Mega App has created a flexible platform for making your vacation more pleasant. Beeda is the intermediary between travelers and travel service providers and is a part of the mega-app ecosystem. Customers can purchase travel services, and book hotel rooms, cruises, flights, and travel cars from vendors of the Beeda App. Our vendors essentially distribute hotels, airlines, and travel offers. It is more appealing to modern travelers than traditional travel agencies. Travelers can book their travel amenities by using the mega app. We maintain two systems for our vendors that an online travel agency is running in the background, the booking and the back office.


How Does Beeda Travel Service Work?

You can use Beeda App for pleasure travel, while businessmen can utilize it for business travel. During traveling, you need to stay somewhere at night. Normally, you don’t have any idea about the surrounding hotels in an unknown place. The Beeda app provides you a list of nearby hotels where ever your current location is. If you want to travel on a flight, book your flight through Beeda. Recently traveling on a cruise ship is getting popular. Beeda provides you the service to book your desired cruise making your trip more exciting. If you want to explore new places book the tour packages. Our travel vendors offer attractive packages to make your vacation interesting. If you can’t bring your car with you, don’t be worried.

Rent-a-car service is available in our mega app. During traveling, when you need to drive a car from the airport to your destination. Book a car from Beeda, and drive to your destination. Install Beeda mega app from the google play store or app store. Tap on “Travels” now a user-friendly interface will appear where you can book hotel rooms, flights, cruises, tours, and rent a car. You are also allowed to explore destinations. The mega app also suggests searching for your trip recommendations. After selecting travel services make payment and enjoy your tour. The mega app made the process of travel booking easier.

The travel APIs described above are used by a booking engine to connect to all of our suppliers. The mega app uses an API to get pricing and availability information from vendors, make reservations, get tickets, and more. This data will be delivered to a booking engine, which will process it and show it precisely the way users want it to on the search results page.


The Advantages of Booking Through Beeda App

Here are some of the benefits of booking travel services through Beeda:

  • Availability of travel amenities
  • Peer reviews to support your decision-making
  • Adaptable cancellation procedures
  • Your entire itinerary in one location
  • Flights and specials locally
  • Rewards schemes

Local Approach to Global Travel

We customize features like measures and currencies to enhance the experience of each user. Independent businesses that lack the resources to update their website for worldwide use are therefore unable to compete. To make the booking process as simple as possible, we presented our payment system.

beeda,beeda travel, beeda mega app,mega app

Main Offerings and Features

  • Simple online booking tools
  • Booking flights and hotels for quick vacation preparation without referring to multiple travel websites
  • To keep you entertained while traveling, you can reserve experiences in your target city.
  • Brilliant rewards system.
  • Use filters to find hotels based on their prices, star ratings, customer reviews, board types, and more
  • High protection for hotel and flight packages
  • Flash sales for impromptu purchases
  • Payment schedules to divide the cost of a trip
  • Booking supplemental entertainment for your journeys, such as theatre events and day getaways
  • Gift certificates for travel

Search Rules

Our travel service is configured to display search results in the way that most suits you. Rules for searching determine which users are shown which package from which vendor at what price. Important factors in generating travel personalization include that and the pricing guidelines.

beeda, Beeda Travel,Beeda App,Beeda Mega App

Best Features for Business Travel

  • An easy app for booking flights
  • A user-friendly app
  • The broadest range of travel services
  • Flexibility in reservations
  • Safety alerts
  • Integrated approval and policy flows for travel
  • Consolidated billing
  • Simple and immediate expense reports
  • Consistently quick customer service within a few minutes
  • Reclaiming VAT

Dynamic Pricing

We use dynamic pricing, which means that the costs vary according to the level of demand, competition, season, suppliers, sources of new customers, and more. You may always select the most lucrative pricing by using pricing rules while taking into account all of those elements.


Advantages of Booking Air Flights Via Beeda

If you prefer using air transportation, you have a variety of choices from which to choose. People can occasionally be busy due to their busy schedules, and as a result, they may not have the time to perform additional services. If you are ever busy and you are planning a trip with your family abroad, make sure to book their flights as soon as possible. You may book their flights using your laptop or a smartphone, which will help you save a ton of time and money. Additionally, you will gain the following advantages.

  • Convenience
  • Cancellation and changes
  • Simple process
  • Reasonable flight prices
  • Various routes available
  • Many Attractive offers
  • Full package options
  • Round trip and a one-way ticket
  • The availability to choose your seat

What is the nicest thing, then? At Beeda, you can take advantage of all the perks associated with online airline reservations! Simply download the Beeda app to your smartphone to quickly order your trip necessities. When you book flights online at Beeda, you’ll receive additional benefits in the form of Beeda Points, which you can also trade for a variety of appealing offers.



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