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7154 N University Dr #95,
Tamarac, FL 33321, USA

We Are Available 24/ 7. Email Us.

Food delivery: Allow vendors from restaurants, cook shops, coffee

Ride sharing : Our app offers luxury services, bikes, one rider, shared journey etc..

Shopping : Our multivendor shopping platform allows user to shop both from mobile and pc.

Social Media : We have incorporated our own version of Instagram, tiktok and WhatsApp in our

Digital Payments : Digital wallets and micropayments apps account for 70% of all money transfer and P2P China and Singapore where superapps operates

NFTS : Non fungible tokens are apart of today new Metaverse and web 3.0 digital economy

Grocery : We offer two separate grocery delivery options 30 minutes express and normal 3-4 hours delivery

Parcel Delivery : Last mile delivery service industry is worth 8.7 Billion adding this service to our platform really completes our ecosystem

Travel : Travel is on the bucket list of all humans merging this sector of the economy, gives us a more competitive advantage

Entertainment : Our platform offers entertainment services similar to Netflix and amazon, along with our unique feature of subscription for independent creators



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