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In Beeda App an individual can use our courier service to send a package and consignment from one place to another. This delivery service is another part of the mega-app ecosystem. Online reservations and payments are possible when compared to national postal services, Beeda courier service is renowned for its greater speed and tracking capabilities. For people who sell goods online and require a delivery partner for sending several packages, the Beeda courier service is the best choice. This can include well-established online businesses as well as merchants on popular online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. Beeda courier is a dedicated courier service that is hired by many large-scale e-commerce companies to handle their deliveries. On the other hand, the Beeda courier is also used by vendors for delivering ordered products to customers.

Why Choose Beeda Courier

Beeda Courier is the most reputed courier service, providing you with the greatest service. Transferring your products through us is simple. We offer completely secure and safe international parcel shipping services. Every client is important to us. Through Beeda Courier, you may establish your internet business in private. You may both save money and securely acquire your stuff. We deliver packages more quickly than other courier services. Beeda is the best option if you’re looking for business delivery in this situation.

Key Features of Beeda Courier:

Full Tracking: The complete delivery tracking process is accessible to merchants. We offer complete real-time tracking services via email, SMS, and GPS.

Delivery Confirmation With OTP: To give an extra degree of protection to the delivered package, two-factor authentications with OTP verification are used at the time of delivery.

Cashless Payment: Beeda App users are allowed to pay for all services by Beeda wallet.

Return Management: In the e-commerce industry, some customers may decide to return the product for any reason, while others may just wish to accept a portion of it. Partial and return packages can be handled by our delivery system. We promptly, safely, and rationally return such things to the dealer.

Delivery Tracking: Our tracker makes it possible for our merchants to monitor the progress of shipments in real time. They may then see when and how the package arrives at its destination. Additionally, the tracker can tell the merchant the cause for any returns. Online tracking is available for the entire delivery process from anywhere worldwide. We utilize bar-code stickers to help our delivery staff efficiently distribute the items during the logistic process and reduce package handling problems. Additionally, we have SMS integration; before appointment calls, we send SMS to all of our clients.

Beeda Courier

Beeda Courier Is Your Trusted Delivery Partner

We make sure that your things get to their destination safely. Your important goods will be transported safely in a large box and delivered to the delivery location without any modifications. You’ll be astonished to learn that Beeda courier service will get your product to its intended location quickly, if not earlier than the estimated period you specified. Every time you knock, our professionals promptly respond. It is the top online courier service that you can rely on to transact any items safely. When you want to send a package, it is picked up from you and promptly delivered to the specified location. We provide the best service possible because we are recognized globally. You will receive timely information on the best services and deals. Beeda Courier is committed to taking good care of every client’s merchandise. There is no other option available to satisfy your reliable quality demand. You must get in touch with us quickly if you want better service. Our verified international transaction license assures that you are making the proper decision. Hurry to get in touch with us.


Motorbike Delivery

Despite being inexpensive, bike delivery is constrained in the number of packages they can move at once. Scaling is challenging as a result. Your service area and potential clients will probably be smaller and constrained by your delivery range. Beeda ride-sharing drivers can be registered as motorbike delivery men.


Van/Truck Delivery

Van or truck couriers can expand our geographic service area and boost the number of prospective clients we have. Additionally, your revenues may soar if you could gather more shipments at once. You can carry hundreds of orders in a courier backpack rather than just a few small boxes or envelopes. This can greatly reduce your cost for each delivery, which you can either pass on to your consumers or keep for profit. A delivery business that uses a van or truck is the greatest location to start for a speedy launch and quicker revenues. This gives you the chance to earn money by serving as the neighborhood courier that nearby companies use to deliver their goods and business letters. As soon as you get going, you have the choice to specialize if you discover a particular need in your neighborhood.


Person 2 Person Delivery

Deliveries need to step up their game at a time when everything happens instantly. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, quickly, and precisely, whether you need to mail your father’s reading glasses or surprise your mother with a handwoven shawl. With our presence all over the country, we can deliver your necessities quickly and easily, simplifying your life. We are there to provide solace to a stressed-out wife knocking on the door or a mother anticipating a delightful surprise. Don’t worry; we are here to provide you with lifelong memories. 

Corporate & SME Delivery 

A company is founded on promises. Allow us to assist you in delivering on your promise of prompt delivery to a potential customer. We can also assist you when you offer your partners scalability. Every delivery we make benefits your company greatly, from ensuring a hassle-free end-to-end delivery to making sure we increase your organization’s productivity. Both large and small businesses might have their unique delivery solutions. You can track your orders just like you track the progress of your business every quarter thanks to sophisticated tracking tools.



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