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TikTok just published new insights into how gaming publishers and marketers can boost messaging on the app. 

TikTok is already a popular destination for gamers to view short video content and engage in gameplay. 

On average, TikTok’s gaming audience follows 12 business accounts. 

The majority of users (61%) see brands more favourably if they create or participate in a TikTok trend.

For organic brand personas on the app, followers are 191% more likely to comment than non-followers which means it’s worth focusing on existing audiences. 

The popular video app said that users could find trending hashtags, creators and sounds in the Creative Center to mix different types of elements for sound and text overlays. 

Behind-the-scenes insights were suitable for short-form video ads alongside in-game elements. 

“An effective organic strategy serves as a solid foundation game brand marketing, which in turn strengthens the effectiveness of paid activity. Striking the right balance between paid and organic is key! Game developers can use organic content to supercharge the performance of paid campaigns, and vice versa, driving more success on TikTok.”

There’s many more insights in the full report.

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