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Adikteev, the software and services provider for performance-driven app marketers, just partnered video game commerce company Xsolla.

Together, the companies are looking to provide mobile game developers with the ability to take their games online and market them directly to their consumers.

“We couldn’t be happier to be teaming up with a leader in the gaming app monetization space. Xsolla is already offering direct-to-consumer solutions that help mobile game partners to become more scalable and profitable. We’re excited to launch the first campaigns and provide app developers with a groundbreaking solution to help them increase profitability,” said Xavier Mariani, CEO of Adikteev.

Xsolla offers a mobile solution that lets mobile game developers drive their direct-to-consumer marketing efforts and engage users by offering expanded bundles, personalised web shop experiences and player promotions. 

The Web Shop for Mobile Games now provides new features to help mobile developers effectively drive users to their branded pages.

“By working with Adikteev, the leader in performance marketing and retargeting. Xsolla will be able to help mobile game publishers maximize the LTV of their users by retargeting them to purchase special offers from the mobile game’s web shop,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla.

“The partnership will boost the likelihood of users purchasing the game while enabling the developer to acquire new users at a more cost-effective spend per user as compared to the app stores.”

Mobile game developers can now contact Xsolla and Adikteev to participate in the program to drive mobile players over to their Web Shop ecosystems to convert non-paying players into paying players and acquire new consumers.

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