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Beeda Mega Apps

Beeda Mega apps are the new quintessential types of applications developed to cover a global market. For instance, if a mega app for learning is developed, it will cover lectures, assignments, note-taking, payments, etc. By handling all the peripheral tasks in the same application, sometimes in the same dashboard, the application allows users to have a seamless experience while graduating from a mere application to a mega app.

Beeda Mega-App is an excellent example of a mega app. It is a marketplace where users can hire on-demand services, buy goods, watch a movie, book a vacation, and order food using the in-app wallet. Beeda Inc The company behind the application is determined to change how users think about shopping, hiring, playing, etc. In a nutshell, it is about optimizing user processes and data.

What Makes An App “Mega

After going through the definition and the underlying premise of a mega app – covering all the steps of an industry for users, it is time to dig deeper into its foundations and see what makes it mega.

Keep in mind that mega and super apps follow the same premise and share the same foundations. The two parts were the level of scope, reach, and diversity.

The characteristics we will highlight for a mega app also apply to super apps.

Following are some attributes that make an app a “mega app.” 

Inclusiveness The development of current Mega Apps / super apps must make their products available to everyone to provide equal chances. A “Mega app” should make it possible for users of any age, gender, level of technical expertise, or ability to access its features. It should also ensure that users of any level may easily perceive, comprehend, navigate, and engage with the app. People with impairments such as poor eyesight, color blindness, impaired hearing, impaired dexterity, cognitive difficulties, and so on can use the super app / Mega App since it is inclusive. In addition to this, the practice of inclusivity is precisely what makes a business and its brand more empathetic.

Benefits of Mega Apps For Businesses

There is no denying that mega apps enjoy many advantages over typical apps. The reason behind that is the reach and scope of mega apps that allow users to do more with less time and effort.

To further highlight their advantages, here are some solid points.  

Wide Canvas For Prospects

Businesses have the lion’s share of resources for marketing, including demand generation, prospect hunting, and so on. Compared to the traditional model, the scope of mega apps is exceptionally vast as they allow businesses to cast a broad and more directed canvas for new potential clients.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

As mentioned in the previous sections, the typical app development model relies on one app for one purpose. This opens Pandora’s box for users as they have to sign up for each application and even risk their data in case of malpractice or cyber-attacks.

When a mega app, such as Beeda App, is available, clients can do more by only signing up to one platform. The best thing about this – it allows for one relatively simple onboarding process.  

Steady Revenue Growth

Businesses strive to move toward economies of scale. It means they want to master their operations and processes so that their marginal cost of production drops with expansion.

This allows businesses to get a steady stream of revenue for both small businesses and large corporations.  

Improved Customer Engagement & Retention

What more would an application developer need besides having the most screen time from most users? With a mega app, companies can better engage clients with specialized services and products.

With big data, it is possible to allow users to “pick and choose” for themselves and customize their experience with the mega app. When this vision is successfully realized, businesses will reach the highest number in terms of customer retention.